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Fly Fishing For Trout on the Guadalupe River in Texas

The Guadalupe river is the only place in Texas where you can fly fish for trout year round. This river was created as a tailwater by Canyon Lake dam and has self-sustaining rainbow trout populations year-round thanks to TPWD and Guadalupe River Trout Unlimited stockings every winter. There are several spots to fish for trout on the…

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How Being Fit Helps Your Fishing

You might be surprised to learn that your favorite pastime of fishing is actually a great way to get fit and stay healthy. Here are a few ways that being fit helps your fishing. Fishing requires lots of focus and awareness, which is good for your mental health. It also reduces stress and anxiety. Standing…

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The Advantages of Making a Slab Pie

Slab pies have become a popular food trend. And for good reason: They offer a few advantages over standard pie, such as a larger serving size and faster baking. Slab pies are baked on sheet pans instead of in a traditional pie tin, which helps prevent shrinking and ensures that a pie is uniformly cooked.…

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What Is a Rainbow Trout?

The rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss, is an invasive fish species that has been introduced to at least 45 countries and every continent except Antarctica. The introductions have negatively affected native fish populations. Rainbow trout are olive green dorsally, with brassy to purple iridescence and dark black spots on the back and sides. They are also…

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Recipe – Lemon Layer Cake

A lemon layer cake is a light and moist dessert with layers of delicious lemon flavor. It’s also a perfect make-ahead option. The key to a fluffy lemon layer cake is to let the ingredients come to room temperature before mixing them together. That way, the eggs, butter, and milk will hold more air while…

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